Our organization is intended to Down Syndrome Adults who, due to their age (they are over 29 years old), do not attend a formal school; and, because of their cognitive abilities degree, do not work.

From Monday to Friday, our participants attend our Annual Program “Protected Workshop with Labor Option – Rayos de Sol” which is under the guidance of a coordinator. Thanks to the DISABILITY AND SPECIAL NEEDS DEPARTMENT of the Municipality of Quilpué, our participants receive instructions from part of professionals of this department, under a workshop modality held once a week, which help them develop manual techniques. On Mondays, they participate in Zumba classes which help them stretch their body parts and keep them healthy.

Since our organization is not subsidied by the state, we organize social events with fundraising activities which help us, in a certain way, fulfill our commitments.

We also form part of the COMMUNITY COUNCIL ON DISABILITY QUILPUÉ which nurturs people with information and policies regarding the topic of disability in our country.

Thanks to PARISH SANTA MARIA, MOTHER OF THE CHURCH – EL SOL, QUILPUE, our organization has a place (classrooms) where our participants attend their workshop from Mondays to Fridays, from 10:00 to 13:30 pm.

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Hi, my name is Paola but my family and friends call me “Pollito” because my dad nicknamed that way. When he first saw me he said that I looked like a little chicken. (Unfortunately, my daddy passed away some years ago)

I do not attend a formal school (because of my age…I am not as young as I look) nor work. The only option I have to socialize with my friends is in our Workshop “Rayos de Sol”. From Monday to Friday we met and develop several activities and have a good time. Since we are not a subsidied organization, there are costs our parents have to assume. Nevertheless, there are new activities we would like to develop and, at the same time, unforeseen situations that demand more income to make our institution sustainable. We need the support of our friends to continue.

Would you like to become our Friend?

If the answer is Yes, please contact us to the following e-mail:


If you want to donate to our institution, please let me give you the bank information:

  • Name of the Account: Fundacion Pro Inclusión Rayos de Sol
  • RUT/VAT: 65.134.087-K
  • Name of the Bank: BancoEstado
  • Branch: Andrés Bello 500 Quilpué
  • Electronic Checking Account N°: 253-7-093408-1
  • Swift Code: BECH CL RM

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You can also donate through YOUCARING

IMG_20170723_001426I participated as a Fashion Model in the Event “Sharing-Tea” together with my friends. (Since I was a little bit nervous, my mom walked together with me…love you mom!)

Thank you so much for your understanding and consideration!